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Friday, July 03, 2009

Summer reading

I just finished Jacqueline Carey's 2nd Kushiel trilogy (Kushiel's Scion, Kushiel's Justice, and Kushiel's Mercy). I'd held off reading them for a long time, not sure how I would like hearing Imriel's perspective. But I really enjoyed it. And I'm sad that's the end of the story, for the most part, for them. I was prompted to read them in part because Carey's new book, Naamah's Kiss, was just released. But that story takes place several generations later.

I also read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (finally!), realizing too that there is another book in that series to be published soon (#7, due out in September). Loved it, but am a little sad to see when I look ahead to Book 2 that it takes place many years after the events of the first. I still look forward to reading the rest of the series, though.

And Kathy Reich's latest Devil Bones. Once again, good for reading on the airplane. A little annoying to figure things out (once again) about 200 pages before the protagonist did, and I don't think I had to be a physical anthropologist myself to do it. But hey, an interesting quick read nonetheless.

That's all the (fictional) reading I've done so far this summer.

Happy reading!


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