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Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year, new books!

I didn't have much of a chance last semester to read for "fun"... Over the holiday break, mostly on planes and in airports, I read Dan Brown's Deception Point, Charles de Lint's Jack of Kinrowan, and Max Allan Collins's Bones: Buried Deep (based on the TV show characters). All fun, quick reads. Next on my list, if I ever get time this semester, is the latest Kathy Reichs, Break No Bones. I was waiting for the paperback, but since I just discovered there is a trade paperback out (I was waiting for the pocket version), I'll just go for that one when I get a chance.

So, mini-review of Bones:Buried Deep today: As a fan of the show, I enjoyed it. Better than your average fan-fiction. Wasn't the best mystery I'd ever read, but it pleasantly passed the hours on the airplane. Not the lightest read with the forensic details, but not a lot of analysis required either (actually, thinking too much about details here is probably not recommended, you will probably just get annoyed). A nice break from the textbooks, however.

~Happy New Year and happy reading!


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