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Monday, April 03, 2006

Contest info and Review of Hybrids

I'd like to start doing some contests for free books, but I need to have a certain level of readership here first. So, if you would like to see book giveaways on this site, please leave comments on the entries, and spread the word about this site: post in discussion forums, mention it on you LJ, or put the Reader's Diary banner up on your webpage (available on the Bookends website, link at right). And clink on the Google advertisements; if I can get enough click-throughs, I will put any money earned towards more giveaways.

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A favourite quote of mine: "How many a man has dated a new era of his life from the reading of a book." ~Henry David Thoreau (applies equally to women, girls, and boys) :)

Today's review:

Hybrids, Book 3 in the Neanderthal Parallax triology by Robert J. Sawyer (science fiction)

Setting: Ontario, Canada; New York, USA; and the corresponding locations on the parallal Earth of the Neaderthals.

Summary: Mary, the Homo sapiens genticist, and Ponter, the Neaderthal physicist, are stuggling to find a way to be together between two different worlds, and a way to have a hybrid child together. When they learn of the existence of a banned technology that would help them to conceive, they are forced to deal with the dilemma of selecting the traits that the child would have - including the capacity, or lack thereof, for religious belief. Meanwhile, this same technology catches the attention of someone with less peaceful intentions. As the Earth of H. sapiens experiences a magnetic pole reversal, it appears that one or both worlds may be in serious jepardy.

My thoughts: A very good read. So many different aspects to the story: magnetic fields, religion, genetics, social behaviour, etc. The plot kept me guessing at every turn, while still maintaing a strong direction. Very dark at times, yet at others almost too rosy. This novel has the ability to appeal to a wide audience. I enjoyed this trilogy so much that I will likely seek out more modern science fiction to read (I normally stick to the fantasy side of the fantasy-sci fi genre).

~Happy reading!


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