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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bones and Ochre

I'm currently reading Bones and Ochre: The Curious Afterlife of the Red Lady of Paviland, by Marianne Sommer. It's non-fiction and traces the history of the interpretation of these ancient human remains since they were found in 1823.

I'm hoping that I can do up a book review of it to be published in an academic journal, so I won't review it here right now. If I don't get it done for the journal, I'll post my review here. And if I don't, then probably I'll write a shorter summary review for here.

I haven't read any novels in a while, it's all journal articles right now, though I few months back I finished the Kushiel's Dart trilogy by Jacqueline Carey, and really enjoyed it. Maybe when I get another break I can pick up with the second trilogy that follows it.


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