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Friday, March 31, 2006

Review of Queen of the Amazons by Judith Tarr

Today's review:

Queen of the Amazons by Judith Tarr (youth fantasy/historical fiction)

Summary: When the Queen of the tribe of women known to Greeks as the Amazons gives birth to a daughter, everyone is shocked to discover that the newborn is empty: she has no soul. But the more shocking is the Queen's decision to only to let the baby live, but to name her as heir to the throne. One day, the girl flees the camp, drawn like a moth to a flame to the West when she/"it" hears of a young conqueror sweeping across Asia: Alexander the Great.

My thoughts: A good, engrossing story. I enjoyed this unique mix of fantasy and history. A bir dry overall, a bit hard to get too much into the characters, but still lots to like, with a great, fast-paced epic conclusion.

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