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Monday, January 30, 2006

Books Sold and Current Reading

I went down to a used bookstore today and sold over 40 of my books that I know I won't be reading again. I got $54 for all of them. I was surprised, they took every single book but one, which had some pages falling out. But I feel so much better, my bookshelves look half decent again and as I keep reading (and buying more books) I can build up another pile of books to sell (so I can buy more books). So yea! for used bookstores. Until all books are printed on recycled paper, the trade in used books will save many trees.

I'm still reading Destiny's Daughter. Although it is classified as a "romance", and there definately is some romance thrown in, I would not have labeled this book as such. Every other chapter follows the journey of a powerful book throughout history (and prehistory) and around the world, Egypt, Babylonia, you name it. I read those parts very closely, and sort of skip over the sexy scenes set in the present (they kinda read like fan fic). I'm about halfway through the novel right now; I'll set a somewhat unrealistic goal of finishing and posting a review for tomorrow.


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