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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Review of Destiny's Daughter by Rebecca Brandewyne

Today's review:

Destiny's Daughter by Rebecca Brandewyne
(romance; historical fiction; contemporary mystery-thriller)

Summary: When archaeologist Bryony St. Blaze learns that her father, a history professor, has been run down and killed, she is devastated. A strange package from him, mailed the day he died, propels Bryony to Scotland to meet a man who might be able to help her solve a timeless mystery, the key to the human past and future, a mystery protected by the members of a secret society who will kill to protect it.

My thoughts: This book is very similar in content to the DaVinci Code, although it was written before that bestseller. Yet Destiny's Daughter is much more complicated and far-reaching, delving into a dozen ancient cultures and areas such as astronomy, astrology, and mathematics. The language spoken by the characters is overly formal to the point of being ridiculous at times. I found that the uninspiring, textbook romance contrasts with the intricate tale of an ancient book with the key to human redemption. Although the mystery is "solved" in the end, many questions remain essentially unanswered and left to the reader.

I'd recommend Destiny's Daughter to those who loved the DaVinci Code and similar books about ancient mysteries like The Holy Grail, or to those interested in comparative religions and mythologies, but it's not a great romance and not a great book in itself. The content carries it, and while fascinating it can get quite confusing at times. But it will make you think.

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